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This conversation was recorded by Pastor Nathan Hedt at the LEA Schools Ministry conference in Victoria. In includes some important questions for our Lutheran Schools in Australia to wrestle with in terms of effectiveness of our ministry and mission in schools, models and stories of relational evangelism, and a proposal to increase the effectiveness of our mission in schools.

The conversation is around 33 minutes long. Some important markers can be found at the following points:

0:00 Chaplain Kathy Mildred shares briefly about sharing the gospel in the School Context

1:16 Introduction: Pastor Nathan Hedt: Introduction: relational evangelism and church planting in the school context

3:50 A good news story of the gospel in our school - with a caveat

10:30 The effectiveness of our mission in Lutheran schools

13:30 Pastor Mark Greenthaner: 'discipleship' in Lutheran Schools and our models of church

21:00 A key question: What do we mean by 'effectiveness in mission' in our Lutheran schools?

26:30 LEVNT Director Paul Weinert: How do we intentionally and strategically partner between schools of the church and district mission departments?

29:25 A modest proposal for increasing our effectiveness in Lutheran schools through relational evangelism teams

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