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'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' These are some of the most famous words in all human literature. So begins the story of the Bible, God's interaction with the universe he created. As 21st century people our first question might be 'How?' or 'how long?' Did it really take seven days to create the universe? How did God do it, if he did?

And yet the text itself encourages us to ask a different question - 'Why?' Why did God create? What is the purpose of creation? 

This sermon proclaims the good news that love is at the very basis of the universe, that God delights in what he creates, and that God moves to redeem and restore his creation when it becomes 'not good.' 

The sermon was preached at Pakenham Lakeside Church on Sunday 11th June, 2017. It can be enhanced by viewing the Prezi zooming visuals found at this link.


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