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When you first get behind the wheel of a car as an L-plate driver you realise there is SO MUCH going on. There is a lot to learn! And you can only learn it by doing it. With a good instructor.

When it comes to the Kingdom of God, we are all L-platers. Learners, that is, not losers. We are called to follow Jesus - as Peter, James, John and Andrew were - and to learn from him living by our side. There is so much to learn! And we can only learn it by doing it - living life beside Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

This sermon explores the call and equipping of Jesus through the lens of Matthew 4:12-23.

It was preached on Sunday February 22nd at Pakenham Lakeside Church.

This sermon can be used together with the Prezi zooming visuals found at this link.



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