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What happens at Easter? New Life begins!

This Easter day sermon was preached atPakenham Lakeside Church.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!
Enjoy the celebration of our saviour's resurrection!


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With Jesus' last breath on the cross he cried, 'It is finished!' This is not a whimper of defeat but a cry of triumph.

Jesus has accomplished the work his Father has given him to do. The cup of suffering has been drunk. The sins of the world have been forgiven. Humanity has been reconciled to God.

This sermon was preached on Good Friday, 2016, at Pakenham Lakeside Church. 
May God bless you as you contemplate the death of our saviour and his resurrection.

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Mary of Bethany pours out her greatest treasure at Jesus' feet - an expensive perfume worth a years' wages for a man. This courageous woman is affirmed by Jesus for her act of true worship.

What is your treasure? What will you worship - and how? David Foster Wallace said 'we all worship...the only choice we get is what we are going to worship.'

This sermon was preached at Pakenham Lakeside Church on Sunday 13th March, 2016.
It can be used in association with the Prezi zooming visuals found here.



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