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The parable Jesus tells in Luke 15:11-32 is famous as 'The Parable of the Prodigal Son.' But it is the love of the Father that is at the heart of the parable. Perhaps it would be better titled 'The Man Who Lost Two Sons' or 'The Forgotten Prodigal.'

The story powerfully speaks of three ways of relating to the Father: irreligion, or rebelling against the relationship; religion, or resenting the relationship; and finally GRACE, or receiving the relationship.

The Father is lavish and reckless with his love for both of his lost sons - he is the Forgotten Prodigal of the parable.

Whether you find yourself more in the situation of the younger son, in rebellion, or of the older son, in resentment, may you receive the Father's lavish love by grace.

This sermon was preached on Sunday 10th March at Sunday Night at St John's, Melbourne, Australia.

It can be used together with the Prezi zooming visuals found at this link.

(There is no downloadable bible study to accompany this sermon at this point).



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Grace vs Karma (Luke 13:1-9)

The worldview based on karma is pervasive - you get what's coming to you, you get what you deserve, bad things happen to bad people.

This worldview is particularly prevalent when disaster strikes. It's so easy to 'blame the victim' or to be glad that 'it wasn't us'.

In Luke 13:1-9, Some people come to Jesus to tell him about a sensational disaster. But he repudiates the worldview of karma, and brings the pointy discussion about disaster and death closer to home. Then he goes on to tell a parable fo grace vs karma. Ultimately, by his substitionary death, Jesus brings about the victory of grace over karma.

This sermon was preached on Sunday 3rd March (Lent 3), 2013, at St John's Southgate Lutheran Church.

It can be used with



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