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God always comes down. In the Word and the Meal, in the Bath and the Community, God always comes down. There is nothing we can ever do to turn the arrow around the other way.

God's grace is the foundation of all we seek to do and be - and living out of, and by, that grace, the LSF community exists to equip people to

Love one another (community)

Serve the World (Mission)

Follow Jesus (Discipleship)

in, around and beyond the Tertiary Context in Victoria.

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The grace of God is extravagant, outrageous...and expensive. God pays the price of forgiving the debt of sin we owe.

What price forgiveness?  The answer may surprise you.

What price unforgiveness?  That's a question of life and death.

This sermon is based on Matthew 18:21-35 - the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant - which gives us a glimpse into just how extravagant God's grace really is, and the price of unforgiveness in our own lives.

It was preached on Sunday 11th September 2011 at St John's Southgate Lutheran Church.



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Jesus' self-sacrificing love for us has left us with a debt to God we can never repay. But God doesn't want us to 'pay him back' - rather to 'pay it forward' to others by 'loving our neighbour as ourselves.'

In Romans 13, St Paul writes that to 'love your neighbour as yourself' is to fulfill the law. Living in this response to God's magnificent love for us calls us into freedom and joy, to put off darkness and to put on light, to clothe ourselves with Christ.

This sermon was preached on Sunday September 4th at St John's Southgate Lutheran Church.

You can view the PREZI zooming visual presentation which accompanies this sermon at this link.

There is a sermon-based bible study which you can download from this page.



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